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Thank you for your help - WLPA's three legged kitty gets a new name and a new start to life!
Almost two weeks ago, we emailed you about a rescued 8 month old cat who had a rather rough start to life. She was tortured - the bottom quarter of her tail was cut off and her front left foot was injured -before she was dumped at a take away food store. To raise the funds to pay for her expensive surgery to amputate her leg, we decided to sell the rights to name this gorgeous girl on ebay! Thanks to your generous support and by forwarding on to your contacts we were able to help cover the cost of her surgery and post-operative care.
We are also pleased to announce her new name is Ruby as chosen by the winning bidder, Margaret. We think it is a beautiful and fitting name for such a precious little girl!
When Margaret saw our appeal for Ruby she felt compelled to bid to name her as six years ago Margaret was driving along Rookwood Road, Yagoona and spotted a small tabby kitten in the gutter. She stopped and to her horror saw that one of the kitten's legs had been badly injured and the foot was missing, bare bone was showing. As the RSPCA was just down the road she dropped the kitten there for treatment. To her distress, the next day when she rang up she was told the kitten had been euthanised. She wished she had kept the kitten overnight and taken it for treatment at her own vet as even if the leg had to be amputated the kitten would have had a good life on three legs. She was haunted by her regrets around this and this is the reason why Margaret wanted to have the final bid and the naming rights of our rescued kitten.
Ruby's progress (by Sue, WLPA foster carer)

Since coming home from surgery and being at least 2 weeks in recovery Ruby has proven to be a real fighter, she demanded that the bandage on her front leg  be removed right away she she did her very best to remove that, much to my horror. Each day Ruby makes more progress, not just with her new appearance but with her shy character. Have you ever heard a cat purr after its spent so many months protecting itself from harm and surviving a horrible life? The first night (about a week after the surgery) that Ruby purred I really didn't believe she was purring. I had been rubbing her neck and talking to her and out of nowhere she began to purr and relax a bit more. Each day she continued to purr and now you just cant stop her (not that I want too).
Ruby had decided around a week and a half after surgery that she was sick of resting in her bed and very careful ventured out, just a step at first for them few days, then a few more steps. When I walk into her room Ruby is right there waiting for me, she chirps at me and gives the odd meow, I sit and have a play with her and she cant help her excitement. Ruby rolls on the floor exposing her belly for little rubs, she also smooches all over me to tell me how happy she is. While I watch she sits and plays on her scratching post with her toys and has really had fun collecting them in her mouth and taking her toys to the other side of the room to play with. She has had a great deal of progress but still has a lot to go as yet.
Now that Ruby has been through such a major surgery in her little life and has almost recovered our next desire is to find her that forever loving family. She is a special girl and will require nothing less than a special family. Unfortunately she is not suitable for your kids and large or loud familes, she would also benefit from another feline companion as she craves the attention of my own cats.



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