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Volunteer Application Form

We are looking for compassionate and concerned people who wish to devote some of their time to the helpless and voiceless animals who so badly need help!

The World League needs all kinds of volunteers. We need volunteer drivers who are willing to transport cats and kittens. This usually involves short trips, such as periodically transporting homeless animals from our office to foster carers or local vets. Volunteers are reimbursed by the World League for their car use (cents/km method). In addition to this, we also require volunteers with any technological expertise to help us manage our website and/or provide some occasional technical support to the office manager. Other volunteer activities include distributing posters of homeless animals within the local area, helping with stalls and fundraising, assisting with cleaning of our office, attending peaceful rallies, writing letters to local and national papers on animal issues and feeding colony cats (currently needed in Bankstown, Abbotsford or Lalor Park). Providing foster care for animals in need is an important part of our work.

Volunteering as a Foster Carer 
The foster care experience can be tremendously rewarding but at
the same time requires dedication and hard work. Many of our animals have had a bad start to life and may need a little extra TLC to overcome any shyness and insecurities they may have developed.
On a day to day basis, carers must be able to provide adequate food, water, shelter and attention to their animals as well as transport the animal to a vet in the event of any medical problems. Carers wishing to foster kittens are required to be at home for at least some of the day as kittens will require more regular feeding (4-5 times a day) and handling in order to become socialised. Foster carers often find that they develop a close bond with their animals. We encourage the foster carer to be active in all aspects of the rehoming process, as they generally understand the needs of the animal. Foster carers will often experience a great sense of achievement. They know that their efforts have saved a life. The animal will live out its life happily with a new, loving family.

By assisting WLPA you will be helping animals and also informing concerned people.


Please fill out your details and let us know if you will be able to help us in any way.

The reset button will clear all entries.

When you press "Submit" you will see a screen showing all your answers.

They have already been automatically sent to WLPA.

At the bottom of the screen which shows all your answers, click on the button which will return you to this page.

We apologise for the inconvenience, however to block spam to this page,
please enter the security code in the place provided, then complete the rest of the form.

1. Security Code :- Please enter
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5. Street Address      

6. Suburb                 

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8. Home Phone          

9. Mobile Phone          (if available)

10. Occupation          

11.Do you have your own transport?               

12. Do you have a current NSW drivers licence?

   12a. NSW Drivers License Number (if applicable)

13. Do you have any experience working with animals or for animal welfare?

    13a. If yes, please provide brief details            

14. What hours/days are you available to volunteer?  

Please tick any of the volunteer activities that interest you:

15. Working with/for homeless animals

Foster care
Driving animals to vets

Feeding colony cats*

Distributing posters locally

*in Bankstown, Abbotsford or Lalor Park

16. Helping with

Stalls and fundraising


Work in the office

Cleaning the office


17. Animal issues

Writing to State and Federal politicians

Writing letters to local and national papers

Attending peaceful rallies - usually in the city
Raising community awareness*

*e.g. with schools or local vets

18. Any other activities?  


19. How did you hear about WLPA?

a. Internet

b. Newspaper

c. Word of Mouth

d. Newsletter

e. Brochure

f. Another Animal Group


  19g. If you heard in another way about WLPA, please tell us in the space below







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