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We have Adult Cats in Dire Need of a Loving Home



Feris was returned to WLPA through no fault of his own.  A loving adopter delighted with Feris as a pet returned him after only three months because of personal and housing problems. Feris is  now one year old, is a real snuggler.  He likes other cats, is good with children and once he knows you, he loves cuddles. At first he will hide his little face under his blankets for a good kip in the day and then he is out to play for the rest of the time. World League for Protection of Animals asks adopters to promise to return the cat to us responsibly if they can no longer care for the animal for life. Although we believe an ‘animal is for life’, in reality it does not always work out that way. At least Feris is spared the pound or being abandoned. Can you give Feris a second chance at life in a loving home?  Phone WLPA on 9817 4892 or Mobile 0409 741 414 to book an appointment to discuss adopting Feris.


Gringo is a cuddly bright pet cat who was rescued in Liverpool in July 2013 with two kittens, one of whom is still awaiting adoption from WLPA (Mork). She is now less tubby and is around 3 years old. She can be viewed at Gladesville by appointment.

Mini Chlo & Sister with No Name:

Mini Chlo and her Sister with No Name are 2 mummy cats who were found in a backyard garden together along with their 9 kittens.  As sisters they share a unique and close bond, sharing the feeding of their kittens, grooming each other.  Mini Chlo and Sister with No Name are 1 years old, domestic short haired Tabby Torti’s. Whilst they would like a home together they’re happy to each belong to an individual loving family.  You can view Mini Chlo and Sister with No Name at Ryde.  Phone Jonine on 0409 741 414.


Mork is a bronze and white male tabby who is sensitive and intelligent and is now 1 years old. Mork would love to graduate eventually (after 6 months and when he can be trusted) to a garden and be indoor and outdoor. He was born in Liverpool and rescued with his mother by WLPA.


Philip is a survivor of the first order.  You know the song:  "I will survive"?  This is Philip to a T. He came down with pneumonia of such severity that we thought we and the vet would have to say farewell to Phillip.  At the 11th hour Phillip pulled through, telling us he wasn't ready by a long shot to say farewell to us.  Now he is beetling around on all 4 paws as if nothing has happened.  One strong constitution is all we can say!


Rosie: is a young ginger mother cat, now desexed. She was rescued by teachers under Chester Hill Public School with four kittens to save them from Pest Controllers. Rosie is friendly, shy at first and adorable. She has pleading eyes which tells her story of being lost and left undesexed by whomever originally owned her. Lucky Rosie was accepted by WLPA as part of Operation Humane Alternative. View at Artarmon - phone WLPA on 9817 4892 to obtain Mags' phone number to arrange an appointment.

Tiffany & Gabby:

Tiffany and Gabby sister pair: Magnificent pet cats rescued from Renburry Farm Pound 6 January 2014. Perfect family, couple or a single’s pets. They need a courtyard with some security because Tiffany will climb a tree and Gabby will go chat with the neighbours. Gabby is a chatterbox and Tiffany is a princess. Rescued heavily pregnant and 14 lives were saved. They are desexed, healthy, vet checked and are now 2 years old. View them at Gladesville or Newtown phone 98174892 10am to 6pm.


As the Elvis Presley song goes:  Love me Tender - I'm the cat for you.  My philosophy in life is when people love me tenderly I will return their love more than triple fold.  I may be an adult however guess what, this means I come with the maturity that kittens don't have; have a wise and mature head and willing to impart my wisdom to you and your family.

Prefer to Foster a Kitten or Cat rather than Adopt?

No Worries - we have you covered.  WLPA continually needs people who are willing to foster care a kitten or cat prior to them being adopted.  If this is your thing - as they say variety is the spice of life - what better way to look after a number of kittens or cats to your heart's content than becoming a foster carer to look after individual kittens or cats?

Please check out our Pets Requiring Foster Care page for the latest kittens or cats requiring a foster carer but also to register your interest.

For example:  Baby Doll is in dire need of a loving foster care who will give her all the loving attention she requires.