Who We Are

The World League for Protection of Animals Inc (WLPA) is an Australian campaign and rescue organisation which has been fighting for the rights of animals, both native and non-native, since 1935. WLPA is funded solely by donations and fundraising so we totally rely upon the generosity of our members and supporters.

WLPA runs a 'no-kill' animal rescue program for cats, dogs and rabbits and our Adoption Centre for cats is at Gladesville where we show animals by appointment 7 days. Volunteers and a small staff rescue abandoned companion animals and organise their health care. Many animals now and in the future rely on our work. Please help us to help them. Our 'no kill' rescue program aims to rescue, desex and rehome hundreds of abandoned kittens, cats and dogs each year.

We actively campaign to:
- Stop the commercialisation of our native wildlife, especially the Kangaroo
- Ban the use of 1080 poison
- Ban the use of the steel jaw traps in Australia  (we succeeded in having this banned in NSW and ACT in 1997)
- Ban recreational hunting
- Implement a no-kill policy in pounds and shelters
- Lobby NSW Councils to provide low cost desexing
- Abolish the farming of the Asiatic ‘Moon’ bears in China
- Abolish vivisection and the fur industry
- Ban circuses with animals
- Protect Australia's Dingo by lobbying governments to recognise and protect it as a vulnerable species

Australian Charity Fundraising Number (CFN): 12896
All donations over $2 are tax deductible

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