Sponsor an animal in need

Starving horses to sponsor

18 horses in the Hunter Valley face starvation and homelessness by Christmas 2019. Each horse requires one or more sponsor. Each bale of hay is costly during drought. For donations of $300 or more, a benefit to the sponsor is Life Membership to the World League for your generosity. Donating to WLPA is tax deductible and funds will be sent to Diane. But all donors are generous, no matter the sum AND you know you are keeping a horse alive during this relocation crisis, while their owner is trying to find alternative paddocks for them. She is living in a caravan on site and on a pension. She is under enormous stress. Lets show her what we can do to help!! Donate here on our site, or become a sponsor using the form below. Alternatively, look at the GoFundMe campaign and donate that way.

Sick cats/kittens to sponsor

We currently seek one or more sponsor per kitten from $10 up to $300 each to raise $300 per animal needing eye removal surgery  (reflecting the massive discount by our Vet Dr Donna Schofield). Currently 6 cats need this help. One is WinterLoo, shown after his surgery who has already been sponsored. It will soon heal completely. The others are 5 kittens all approaching 1 kilo who have one eye each where the organ has died from cat flu, the state we found them in at rescue. Eye removal and desexing will be done at one time so its more humane. 








Sponsor a humane rescue trap to save lives

These traps are around $110 to purchase if made in Australia of the quality appropriate for use in all settings where we rescue animals. Your sponsorship can nominate what you wish to sponsor. Thank you.


Once you have made your one-off sponsorship donation, please use your PayPal subscription number to fill out the following form so we can send you a photo of your sponsored animal!

Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order made out to:

'World League for Protection of Animals'
Sponsor an animal in need fund
PO Box 211
Gladesville NSW 2111

Remember to send us your address or email so we can keep you up to date with your sponsored animal in need!

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