Sponsor a Cat

You can help cats like Maxine by becoming a sponsor with our 'Roam to Home' program

WLPA 'Roam to Home' Program

The WLPA, through our no kill rescue program, receive endless calls asking for assistance with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of cats and kittens.

While many kind volunteers support our work by providing the 'person power' to rescue hundreds of animals each year,  WLPA must bear the substantial financial burden of providing veterinary care (including emergency treatment, desexing, mircochipping and vaccinations), pet food and litter until a permanent loving home can be found.

The number of cats and kittens that we can rescue and rehome directly depends on the donations we receive from our members.

Through the WLPA's 'Roam to Home' sponsorship program, you can directly sponsor an abandoned or stray cat or kitten to be rescued, socialised, vet treated and rehomed to a loving home over the medium to long term. Whereas some kittens are adopted immediately or within a month, others take many months or a year. Some of these former 'roamers' require socialisation and make beautiful pets when they are closer to 8 or 12 months of age. Therefore sponsoring them gives them time to develop and be rehomed with sensitivity to their needs but supports our strict no-kill philosophy. Many of these cats may have been deemed 'unhomable' by other organisations. We find loving homes for cats who require patience and love to socialise.

For a one-off sponsorship fee of $100, you will receive a photo and brief story about your sponsored cat or kitten and will be notified when they are successfully rehomed.

Sponsor a WLPA rescue cat:

Once you have made your one-off sponsorship fee, please use your PayPal subscription number to fill out the following form so we can send you a photo of your sponsored cat or kitten!

Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order made out to:

'World League for Protection of Animals'
WLPA 'Roam to Home' Fund
PO Box 211
Gladesville NSW 2111

Remember to send us your address or email so we can keep you up to date with your sponsored cat or kitten!