About Us

WELCOME FROM OUR PRESIDENT: In 2019, our priority concerns are:

  • To implement a no-kill policy in pounds and shelters to stop the killing of thousands of healthy cats and dogs every year.
  • To rehome as many cats, dogs and rabbits every year to spare them the cruelty of being killed in pounds should they become lost or abandoned.
  • To stop the commercialisation of native wildlife, especially the Kangaroo.
  • To ban the use of 1080 poison.
  • To ban the use of the steel jaw traps in Australia  (we succeeded in having this banned in NSW and ACT in 1997).
  • To ban recreational hunting.
  • To lobby NSW councils to provide low cost desexing.
  • To ban circuses with animals.
  • To protect Australia's dingo by lobbying our government to recognise and protect it as a vulnerable species.

Australian Charity Fundraising Number (CFN): 12896
All donations over $2 are tax deductible

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