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Kerry Boys with Harris right and Bertie Left
Kerry with WLPA fostered kittens

The foster care experience can be tremendously rewarding but at the same time requires dedication and hard work. Some of our animals have had a sad start to life and may need extra TLC to overcome shyness or insecurities they may have developed. Most however are loving angels who are quickly adopted. WLPA aims to adopt all kittens by 8-10 weeks of age and fostering kittens therefore only requires around a month commitment.

Regarding adults fostering requires a minimum of a 3 month commitment. This is to enable each animal to settle and reduces stress from being moved from one habitat to another.

For 'no kill' to be feasible, we ask all WLPA foster carers to embrace our philosophy of Assertive Rehoming which means the following:

  • Optimism that each cat or dog can find a home
  • Finding the right carer for each one, not waiting until a cat is ‘ready’
  • Rapid rehoming from 8 weeks of age with follow up home visits and support
  • Accepting the animal back if the home does not work out.

Foster carers must be active members of our rehoming team by jointly promoting the animals (e.g. sharing on social media and distributing posters of the animals they are fostering) and meeting regularly with WLPA foster care coordinator or he WLPA Coordinator to monitor animal wellbeing. The foster carer's insights into the health and personality is valued.

It is important that no foster carer becomes overwhelmed by the work they volunteer. We also take a firm stand against the overcrowding of companion animals. These are requirements

  • 100% security inside the home for kitten up to 8 months
  • 100% indoor/outdoor security for adult cats eg an outdoor enclosure joined to a secure room of the house is vital if you want wants to be going outside. Balconies must be secure or netted entirely.
  • Active partnership in the rehoming process and carers must cooperate in full when WLPA deems that animals must be handed over for rehoming programs.
  • Kittens around 6-10 weeks old need feeding at 6-7am,at 4-5pm and 11pm to 12 midnight. Younger kittens may need feeding through the night each 2 to 3 hours.
  • All medicine can be supplied or the costs of medicines can be reimbursed if agreed prior with WLPA.
  • Foods can be donated by carers of may be supplied by WLPA by food order delivery, or by donations or by reimbursement of your out of pocket cost. The cheapest and most appropriate food for each animal type is to be used and all WLPA cats must be given premium dry food and wet foods twice daily.
  • A mobile vet can be sent to foster carers’ homes if authorised by the Coordinator or the President of WLPA.
  • A Foster Carer Agreement outlines all detailed responsibilities.

If you are interested in becoming a WLPA foster carer, please enter your details in the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly:

WLPA Code of Conduct Document

Otherwise you can enquire about foster caring, please send us an email at with the subject line: Foster Caring Inquiry or phone 0409741414.

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