Adoption Terms and Conditions

You may adopt a dog, cat, kitten or rabbit from World League if you meet the following non-negotiable conditions:

  • Adopters will be aged 25 or over and be permanent residents
  • We require photos or videos prior to you meeting the prospective pet: images of your home, garden, balconies, windows and doors must show evidence that the animal will not be able to escape
  • We require screens on windows and doors to permit ventilation with  security no matter the type of premises (homes/apartments)
  • Young kittens and rabbits can go home after viewing but only if carried home in a secure carry case meant for pets
  • Adult and teen cats must be home delivered at mutual convenience by the WLPA. These pets must be caged for the first week minimum, in the new home, to avoid stress and illness and escape (we can loan to you the cage, tent or hamper suitable to your new pet's needs).
  • All adopted pets will be home visited at least once in the week after adoption in person or using virtual visiting eg with Skype
  • Because 37,000 pets are killed by shelters and pounds in NSW each year simply because they became lost, we believe pets must remain inside the boundary of your property with the adopter providing a netted enclosure, ideally linked to the home so they are safe. In the case of dogs, suitable fencing.
  • Rabbits are only adopted to people who embrace the idea and practice of keeping rabbits as part of the family inside the home, thus preventing fly strike, myxamatosis, rabbit calici virus and predation by cats, foxes, snakes and dogs.

If you can meet the security and safety needs of our rescued animals, then please phone our Adoption Centre weekdays for an appointment between 12 noon and 4 daily, or at other times by appointment. Phone 02 9817 4892. Weekends phone 0409 741 414.

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