Casper Topples in Urgent Need of Shunt Surgery – Update

WLPA Appeal for Donations to Help Casper Topples 

Casper Topples Needs Your Help
Casper Topples Needs Your Help
Can You Share the Care.  Casper Topples has water on the brain which needs to be drained by placing one or more shunts to stop him from toppling over.  If you can spare a few $$$ this would be greatly appreciated.  We urgently need to raise $1000 for the surgery.  All donations are tax deductible.  When you donate via Paypal please add a note the donation is for Casper Topples.  Please pass the word along.  WLPA needs as many people as possible to know that Casper Topples needs this surgery.  He's a real little cutie.  Please open your hearts and your purse to support WLPA to help Casper Topples.  You can follow his journey on the WLPA Facebook page:  CLICK HERE

Quick Update (December 2014)

Casper Topples will have his very first visit to the Sydney Animal Specialist Hospital this month.  WLPA would like to extend its sincere thanks and appreciation to all donors.  To date $800 of the $1000 needed has been raised.

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