Feed a Stray Day

Stray CatsMany people think it wrong to feed a stray. Councils complain and caution people, neighbours complain and it is a general belief that it is unwise or the wrong thing to do because the animals will breed. On the contrary, feeding is a pathway to rescue, desexing and rehoming. A conversation must be had about this community-wide and this is the purpose of Feed a Stray Day.

Easter commences the month of April as our Food Drive Month which will culminate in Feed a Stray a Day Day on April 24. We invite cat food donations to feed 500 animals a day on the streets and around 100 in our foster carer network and around 60 in our current Adoption Program. Come on corporate friends, please get involved. Phone Halina on 0407 456683 or Jonine on 0409 741414.

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