SA Baiting

WLPA is lobbying the government to cease 1080 baiting and implement long term, nonlethal solutions. In South Australia, dingoes are targeted despite research demonstrating that dingoes kill few stock animals.

On 12 April,  Dr David Jenkins, Director of Hydatid Control and Epidemiology Canberra spoke on  ABC Radio and confirmed that the baiting control programs in fact contributed to increasing dog numbers. His arguments were that baiting disrupts pack dynamics and creates a vacuum for young dogs to move in after the alpha dogs are poisoned. Subordinate dogs start breeding and increasing dog numbers. This is why there are reports of a huge swath of dogs coming back after a year or so of control.

1080 has a horrendous impact on carrion eaters like predatory birds and lizards. Many endangered and threatened species are killed as a result 1080 baiting. Find out more about 1080.

A proven alternative to the use of 1080 baiting to protecting domestic stock include Marrema guard dogs, who are recognised worldwide as effective watch dogs that provide a useful, efficient and inexpensive alternative. Some farmers already use Marrema guard dogs for protecting their stock.

WLPA feels that no government can justify the ongoing use of 1080 which many state governments promised would be banned several years ago. 1080 is inherently cruel, causing unacceptable pain and suffering for animals.

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