Scratcher Cat Collars Back in Vogue

cat with scratcher collarABC 24 featured a story on research undertaken on the use of cat scratcher collars reducing both domestic and feral cats killing Australian native animals by up to 50%.    The scratcher collar was last in vogue as a trendy collar for cats in the 1970's.  Researchers have now found a functional use of the scratcher collar in supporting the native animals including birds populations from cats preying.  Initial results have been astounding to say the least with one cat owner reporting (in the news segment) that she had tried everything with her 2 cats to stop them killing native animals to no avail.  Since having both her cats wear the scratcher collar neither cat had killed a native animal for 2 years!!!

The current theory is the bright and colourful scratcher collars assist wildlife, more specifically birds, to see the cat from a distance and know that danger is near.  However wildlife who don't have the great eyesight of birds are still rather vulnerable.  In saying this the reduction of cats killing native species in the overall research was 50% which will assist to continue the native population to grow and not become extinct over time as a result of cats killing their populations.

So, if you want your cat to look trendy and help protect native animals at the same time - buy a colour scratcher collar and adoringly put this on your cat.

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