wlpa philipPhilip was rescued from an over crowding situation with FIV (feline aids), he was anti social and stood little chance of finding a forever home. He is a 9 year old Burman x Ragdoll.  Philip was not well when he was rescued and he went downhill suddenly with suspected pneumonia.  Wlpa Co-ordinator Dr Wall took Philip to have his X-rays, looked after him at home, and made him an oxygen tent for part of his extensive treatment. When all his tests came back, one of blood test surprised us. PHILIP NEVER HAD FIV.

There was obviously a misunderstanding that wlpa had not encountered before. The theory is that Philip's record said FIV bc he may have had an FIV blood test, but the vet did not provide the results of that blood test on his record, therefore leaving us with a record that reads 'Philip, desexed, FIV'.

Philip now allows us to pat him.  He does enjoy a friendly pat.  He will be available for adoption soon and does not have FIV : )  Please help us care for Philip with a generous donation.



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