Two is more Fun than One!!!

Here is a movie of two unrelated kittens adopted together and getting along fine learning to hunt by nearly killing one another.  Watch and enjoy these 2 un-related kittens play with each other.  What a fabulous outcome if adopters would be prepared to adopt two kittens at the same time!!!

I had the privilege of transporting 2 wee kittens who were adopted together and had never been out of sight of each other.  Their owner found that adopting the pair brought joy and laughter to her family and household.  As the transporter for the 2 kittens so they could have their vaccinations whilst it may have seemed like 'double the trouble' this pair were incredibly well behaved and once they realised they could still see each other through their transport cages they simply relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

Hence 'double the trouble' can in fact turn out to be 'double the fun' !!!

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