World League for Protection of Animals (WLPA)

The World League for Protection of Animals Inc (WLPA) is a 'no kill' Australian campaign and rescue organisation which has been fighting for the rights and well-being of animals, both native and non-native, since 1935. WLPA was registered under the Charitable Collections Act NSW 1934 on 14 May 1937. Donations to WLPA are tax deductible.

The term, 'no-kill' underpins all our work. It refers usually to companion animal species and means an ethical stance to never convenience kill eg because an animal is sick or because the pet's owner is moving house or any other number of common and frequently inadequate reasons. In the animal industry context, a 'no kill' ethic is opposed to killing within the animal and pet industries for convenience by pet owners,  vets, pounds and shelters. Under 'no kill' every effort to provide for a sick animal is provided. Similarly, desexing and excellence in rehoming is the answer to overpopulation. Finally, only humane euthanasia is a satisfactory reason to kill  and only after treatment and end-of-life care has been reasonably considered and provided.

WLPA is self-funded and volunteer-managed by a committee of members. WLPA replies significantly on volunteers for rescue work, animal care (foster caring), animal re-homing and campaign work. A secretariat in Gladesville coordinates campaign, media, rescue and rehoming work and a small low-intake Adoption Centre. WLPA has only one FTE paid staff member. Volunteers from all walks of life are vital to our work.

WLPA prides itself on excellence in re-homing without which, being ‘no kill’ is not feasible nor sustainable. When you support WLPA by donating money or goods or time, you will be directly helping animals in need.

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