Give today to build for tomorrow

leave a bequest Last will  with penBequests are the lifeblood of our important work as World League solely relies upon donations, bequests and fundraising.  We honor the generosity of people who have remembered us in past bequests, without which, the World League would not have been able to carry out its vital work. In 2015 World League for Protection of Animals is in it's 80th year thanks to the generosity of members and friends who were animal lovers and who remembered animals when making their will.  A gift made in your will today is a building block for tomorrow.

Building for tomorrow

"No kill" means every species has a right to life. It also means that animals must not suffer from cruelty, unnecessary containment, overcrowding or poor care. It is costly to put 'no kill' philosophies into practice.

Furthermore, some of the companion animals cared for by World League cannot be rehomed and they are protected by our charity for life.  We have a high burden of animal care.  Thus we need to establish new premises which are purpose built for animal rehoming and to nurse and treat orphaned youngsters.  We also need to design appropriate facilities for animal sancturaries for companion and native animals where this is appropriate. That is, we need a sustainable future for the care and welfare of animals we rescue or who come into our care. All of this is further to the challenge of stamping out atrocities against animals of all species.  Your gift today will build for tomorrow.

 What your gift can buy that we desperately need:

  • Dogs and Cats adoption centre new premises                                            $1.5 m
    • Annual running costs of adoption centre                                              $250,000
  • Disadvantaged feeders programme feeds 500 street cats every day      $24,000 p.a.
  • Cat Mum and Bubs Protection Nursery for 20 adult cats per year           $35,000 p.a.
  • Sustainable business unit with premises                                                      $1.3 m
  • Sanctuary for 50 elderly and un-homable cats                                             $34,000 p.a.
  • PhD Scholarship for native animal protection                                               $17 - $34,000 p.a.
  • Campaigns research & development                                                              $100,000 p.a.
  • Media and marketing campaigns                                                                     $250,000 p.a.
  • Mobile Education Unit for companion animal de-sexing campaigns        $50.000
    • Annual running costs                                                                                  $15,000
  • Animal Ambulance                                                                                              $45,000
    • Annual running costs                                                                                  $  7,000

World League for Protection of Animals is a not-for-profit, tax deductible gift recipient organisation and a registered charity.  WLPA can receive bequests of property, shares and monetary gifts.  By remembering animals in your will you will be supporting future campaigns and rescue programmes.  Alternatively you can nominate in your will your wishes on how you gift is to be allocated.

Solicitors preparing wills for people who value animals may see our entry in the Charity Guide. Click Here

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Thank you for helping build a better future for animals.



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It is never too early or too late to make out a will. To make inquiries about leaving a bequest, please contact our President, Halina Thompson, on 0407 456 683  or discuss your gift directly with your solicitor.