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To select a cat please phone on 0409 741414 or 0407 456 683 (7 days). WLPA rescues go to a number of Sydney Vet Partners or to our attending Mobile Vet, Dr Donna Schofield of PetCure. Cats are desexed, provided a dental check, are blood screened (if needed) and vaccinated prior to being rehomed. Adoptions are a tax-deductible donations for the health care for each animal. Visits to our Adoption Centre are 12.00 noon to 6pm (7 days a week) 199 to 201 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111 above VORO Restaurant. We deliver. Our home visit and cage lending service helps you secure and settle in your new pet.


"WLPA adopter whose family adopted 4 cats from us found Lambi in Canberra. She asks our help to get Lambi a home. Aged between 3 and 6 she trusted this rescued matted street cat to a rescue group who took him to RSPCA. Upon finding out she adopted him back but can't keep him. Profoundly friendly, desexed, vocal and normally long hair, Lambi is urgent for adoption. Rspca reported his dental health is good. Ph 0409741414 to view. He has had multiple moves and must settle with genuine adopter for life. Living at Croyden Park.

By Donation In $ : $200


Born with back legs unable to straighten and unable to lift bottom off the ground, we raised $3.5 thousand to do two knee surgeries. She is now recovered and ready for adoption. Thanks is due to all donors, to Dr Donna Schofield, surgeon, and Maddie foster carer who journeyed with the brave 4 month old, now 6 months old. We also desexed Pebbles. To adopt phone Pebble's campaign coordinator Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


Toby FIV and Lakemba, not bonded. Lakemba is brother of Mary. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200

Finn & Ghost

Bonded pair Ghost (pale ginger) and Finn rescued from hoarding. Finn can be cuddled, while Ghost puts his paws to his mouth as if to beg for food. View Newtown. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


Lupa is 4, a shy torty who loves Creamy Treats and only drinks water from a glass. View Newtown. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


Minogue 2 has waited a year for a home. View Newtown loves cuddles and other pets. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


Camden 5 enjoys secure courtyard and the company of cats, dogs, rabbits.

By Donation In $ : $200


Mary, born Lakemba, 8 months old, sister to jet black Lakemba brother. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200

Gotcha and Goldie

Meet Gotcha and Goldie rescued as 6 week olds in Lakemba their eye sight was saved by WLPA but they remain visually impaired. These kittens have one good eye each. One kitten has lost an eye and the same may occur for the other. Offered for adoption as a pair. Cuddly, confident, outgoing and gorgeous. Ph 0409741414 to adopt.

By Donation In $ : $200


Meet Graceful who is Graceful, rescued as one of 3 visually impaired kittens in Lakemba. Desexed, twice vaccinated and delightful female ginger for immediate adoption Newtown. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200

Mum Miranda and son McDreamy

Mum Miranda and identical son McDreamy were rescued when mum was dumped with newborns at Winston Hills Vet. Mum had escaped the box and had to be located by WLPA to give her kittens a life saving chance. Aged 1 year and 3 months respectively, being offered as a pair for immediate adoption. Ph 0409741414 for viewing appointment 7 days.

By Donation In $ : $200


Baily was surrendered this kitten season age 4 months but is now a giant at 7 months old. Desexed, 2ce vaccinated, easy to please and cuddly, how could someone abandon him as a kitten? Available from immediate adoption ph 0409741414 by appointment 7 days. Rehoming number 251000089.

By Donation In $ : $200


Campsie who is available for adoption Newtown or Gladesville by appointment. Age unknown. Rescued as an adult Campsie public school. Desexed timid male, sweet with other cats, can be petted and easily managed indoors. Recent vet check vaccine and dental assessment. Ph 0409741414. Rehoming number 251000089

By Donation In $ : $200


This is Andy, he is apporx. 8 months old. He needs a good and loving family. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $350


This is Wendy she is about 7months old. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


This is Emma, she is a mum to 5 baby boys. She is gorgeous! Very sweet and gentle. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414

By Donation In $ : $200


Beautiful Bonnie is a mature cat at just over 7 years. He has waited patiently for his turn to have a loving family and in the meantime really enjoys a few food treats from those at WLPA. Please Contact Jonine 0409741414 Microchip Number: 900032001869283

By Donation In $ : $200


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