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To select a cat please phone on 0409 741414 or 0407 456 683 (7 days). WLPA rescues go to a number of Sydney Vet Partners or to our attending Mobile Vet, Dr Donna Schofield of PetCure. Cats are desexed, provided a dental check, are blood screened (if needed) and vaccinated prior to being rehomed. Adoptions are a tax-deductible donations for the health care for each animal. Visits to our Adoption Centre are 12.00 noon to 6pm (7 days a week) 199 to 201 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111 above VORO Restaurant. We deliver. Our home visit and cage lending service helps you secure and settle in your new pet.

Hugo Boss and Kelvin Cline

McDougall and Jack Jack

Azure (FIV+)

Azure was rescued years ago and was found to be FIV +. He has also had his urethra surgically repaired but has had no further problems. He also had a dental about 2 months ago at Christmas 2018 and bounced back quickly. Blood tests at the time said Azure was otherwise healthy. He is a total delight, is affectionate, and just right. To meet him please phone weekdays on 0409 741414 or 9817 4892 and he can be visited. He will really enjoy meeting new people.

By Donation In $ : $150

Heidi (Sister of Meow Meow)

Heidi and Meow Meow came to WLPA as older kittens from rescuers in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. They have no bond and along the way were separated. Nonetheless, Heidi has waited years for a home. She is fond of Sam infact and is very pretty, timid but can be handled, groomed and would come out of her shell if taken as a pet out of the Adoption Centre. She has not had a day's illness in her life and its time she got her own human to really really love her. Desexed, multiply vaccinated she is ready to go. Phone 0409 741414 or email Thank you.

Ginger Baby 3 year old male

Ginger Baby is just that, a big BABY. He suckled from a mum cat he adopted until 7 months. He has been with WLPA for 3 years, the first two years, being with a foster carer with a courtyard and a secure indoor/outdoor lifestyle. He will be cuddled if you are strong enough, but won't approach you. He can be groomed again if you take command. He is sweet, sometimes vocal, and tries hard to fit into a pecking order. It seems he loves other cats, but struggles to find his place in the pecking order. You guessed it. WE LOVE HIM! Phone 0409 741414 to meet Ginger Baby by appointment 7 days a week.

By Donation In $ : $150

Wilma sitting pretty awaiting a home

Wilma is the sister of Wendy and Webster. They were all born in the carpark near to our Adoption Centre to a colony cat. That was a YEAR AGO!! Please give little Wilma a home. Meet her by appointment 7 days a week on 0409 741414. She is desexed, microchipped, tripple vaccinated. She is a calm little girl with 6 months growing yet to go.

By Donation In $ : $150

Sadie Mum cat has waited for a year

Young Sadie had two litters of kittens and she is now waiting for a home. She came in last year with 7 kittens and pregnant. Now she just wants an understanding home where she can learn to be a family pet again. (She is a bit tubbier now!!)

By Donation In $ : $150

Meow Meow

Large handsome grey male, this little cat got depressed in a unit where his owner was at work all the time. He needs a fully secure setting where he has cat company or a human around for company. A good little 4 year old, Meow Meow has never ventured into a garden. All WLPA cats must be kept fully secure and never allowed escape.

By Donation In $ : $150

Deb is a darling

Little delight when not with other cats but could tolerate one or two feline friends if given the space to adapt. Deb is about 18 months old and came to WLPA with four little kittens then raised two more. She has a checker design on her crown and this is our favorite photo of our beloved little Deb. Also known as Debbie Doo and Pixie.

By Donation In $ : $150


Poor poor Bonnie boy. He is not happy with so many other cats. He wants his own place and someone to love him. Now 3, he has never been fostered. He wants OUT!! to a safe indoor setting.

By Donation In $ : $150


Ziggy is a handsome pure stripey tabby. He was born and rescued in Dundas Valley and is living at the Adoption Centre hoping he won't be left on the shelf with kitten tabbies come along. He needs a secure home with a quiet couple who can give him time, play and attention. He enjoys other cats and gets on very well with all.

By Donation In $ : $150

Merry Matilda

Merry Matilda rescued in Merrylands is deaf. She was found at 5 months old and is now 7 months, is desexed, chipped and vaccinated. She is also adorable and is a dominant female when around other cats, defensive maybe due to the deafness. Accustomed to and gentle living with rabbits, she is fostered at Redfern and may be viewed by appointment. She needs to be fully secure and live indoors because she is white and will get skin cancer if exposed to the sun. She must be 100% secure due to an inability to hear traffic and predators.

By Donation In $ : $230

Webster is now a BIG BOY!

Stunning white and ginger bits here and there this 10 month old cat is only half grown. Give him a home so he doesn't spend his boyhood in an Adoption Centre. He is fair and can be best housed inside with a nice view rather than be sun exposed. Desexed, triple vaccinated and microchipped.

By Donation In $ : $150

Wendy (Sister of Wilma and Webster)

Wendy is one of three remaining siblings rescued from the Cowell St carpark in Gladesville along with a little wild mum cat. Wendy and her sister Wilma and brother Webster are now ready to love. They are large cats aged 10 months at October 2018 who enjoy a quiet life and a cuddle. Triple vaccinated, desexed and microchipped.

By Donation In $ : $150

Gucci and Versace (ADOPTED TOGETHER!)

A bonded pair of siblings approaching a year old this Christmas 2018 were rescued in Botany Christmas Eve 2017. They have been beautifully fostered for most of the year and arrived at our Adoption Centre in September as a final attempt to be rehomed TOGETHER!! Desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

By Donation In $ : $150 each


Found with kittens when 9 months old on the door step of a science teacher in Pittwater Road Gladesville. Betsie is a shy girl but a happy bundle approaching 18 months old. Desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.

By Donation In $ : $150

Lette got left behind

He was not chosen as a kitten and was left behind in the Adoption Centre for over a year waiting for a home. He loves a secure garden, other cats and cuddles. Desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.

By Donation In $ : $150

I'm Blue Eyes!

Meet Blue Eyes, 2 years old, a beautiful black and white domestic medium haired cat with a fluffy tail who has been rescued from Doonside and since discovered how much she loves to play with toys dangling from a stick! Can be viewed at the Cat Cafe Surry Hills.

By Donation In $ : 150