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To select a cat please phone on 0409 741414 or 0407 456 683 (7 days). WLPA rescues go to a number of Sydney Vet Partners or to our attending Mobile Vet, Dr Donna Schofield of PetCure. Cats are desexed, provided a dental check, are blood screened (if needed) and vaccinated prior to being rehomed. Adoptions are a tax-deductible donations for the health care for each animal. Visits to our Adoption Centre are 12.00 noon to 6pm (7 days a week) 199 to 201 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111 above VORO Restaurant. We deliver. Our home visit and cage lending service helps you secure and settle in your new pet.

Winterloo a winter rescue from Waterloo

A delightful profoundly friendly tiny adult male approx aged 2. He suffers flu but as his immune system strengthens with good nutrition, Winterloo should be fine. Must have attentive care to protect eye. One eye removed due to neglected cat flu prior to rescue. Phone 0409 741414 to adopt. R 289000051

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Chooky is 10 his owner died

An angel, this boy is now used to living with other cats. I have fostered him for 6 months. He must be fed on his own. Affectionate, cuddly once settled. Healthy, vaccinated, desexed. In good shape. Phone 0409 741414 to adopt. R 289000051

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Bernadette/Kitty Paris

Lovely 18 month old female, desexed cat rescued by WLPA from the Chinese Market Garden in Botany early in 2018, this sweet little girl has a slight wobble in her walk. She can nonetheless run up and down stairs and copes well with life. Phone 0409 741414 to adopt. R 289000051

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Mummy cat who had two litters of kittens and is still a baby herself. She was giving birth here. Her kittens are still with her and are gradually being adopted. She is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Phone 0409 741414 for more information. R 251000089

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A large long hair black beauty, Macho is 2 years old. He is overstimulated by too much handling and is best as a conversationalist with a little head rub and brief pat. He is available for adoption at Gladesville. Phone 0409 741414. R 25100089

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Born at Botany, now a year old. View at Newtown where she is a bedroom cat with two others. Not scared of dogs and is well behaved. Desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Phone Jonine on 0409 741414 to adopt. R 25100089

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Lee Loo aged 4

Lee Loo was adopted by an elderly person and returned 4 years later to WLPA. Slightly dominant female who gets on well with other cats. She is easy to pick up and cuddle, is slightly fat at present, but is healthy. Desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and is an indoor only cat. Phone 0409 741414 or 9817 4892 to adopt by appointment. R 25100089

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Evangeline Pet of 2019

A teenage cat 10 months old at July 2019. Pretty and loves a cuddle. She seeks out Halina, her rescuer to say hello. Desexed, microchipped and three times vaccinated. Phone 0409 741414 or 0407 456683 or 9817 4892 to adopt. R 25100089

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Winter is Miss Bliss!

LOVES to be petted and cuddled, then return to her special nook, cage or tent to sleep. She had kittens and was homeless in Alexandria when taken in by WLPA. urgently. Desexed, vaccinated twice and microchipped Winter is a lover of dry food!! Phone 0409 741414 or 9817 4892. R 25100089

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Botany A Special Boy

Botany was born with a disability of motor function. He can run, walk, jump but has difficulty stepping into a litter tray. He can use a dog mat and the garden to toilet. Needs a safe space with no or one or two steps only so he does not injure himself. Phone 0409 741414. R 25100089

Kelvin Cline 16

These 15 year old pure-bred Birman brothers are available for fostering with a view to adopt. Left with WLPA for a week at Christmas and their owner has not yet returned. The boys head-butt and are very friendly and cuddly. Phone 0409 741414 to discuss. Meet at Newtown. R 25100089

Heidi (Sister of Meow Meow)

Heidi and Meow Meow came to WLPA as older kittens from rescuers in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Heidi has waited years for a home. She is fond of another WLPA cat, Sam. Desexed, multiply vaccinated she is ready to go. Phone 0409 741414 or 9817 4892. R 25100089

Ginger Baby 3 year old male

Ginger Baby is just that, a big BABY. With WLPA for 3 years, the first two years, being with a foster carer with a courtyard and a secure indoor/outdoor lifestyle. He will be cuddled if you are strong enough, but won't approach you. He can be groomed again if you take command. Phone 0409 741414 to meet Ginger Baby by appointment 7 days a week. R25100089

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Wilma sitting pretty awaiting a home

Wilma is the sister of Wendy and Webster. Born in the carpark near to our Adoption Centre to a colony cat, they are now a year old. Meet by appointment 7 days 0409 741414 or 9817 4892. Desexed, microchipped, tripple vaccinated. R 25100089

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Poor poor Bonnie boy. He is not happy with so many other cats. He wants his own place and someone to love him. Now 3, he has never been fostered. He wants OUT!! to a safe indoor setting. Phone 0409 741414 to meet this timid cat. Dental given 2019. R 25100089

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Wendy (Sister of Wilma and Webster)

Wendy is one of three kittens rescued from the Cowell St carpark in Gladesville along with a little wild mum cat. Wendy and her sister Wilma are best adopted together. Triple vaccinated, desexed and microchipped. Phone 0409 741414 or 9817 4892. R 25100089

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Lette got left behind

He was not chosen as a kitten and was left behind in the Adoption Centre for over a year waiting for a home. Lette loves a secure garden, other cats and cuddles. Desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. View at Newtown by appointment 0409 741414. He has a buddy cat named, Chewey. R 25100089

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I'm Blue Eyes!

Two years old, a beautiful black and white domestic medium haired cat with a fluffy tail, rescued from Doonside. Can be viewed at the Cat Cafe Surry Hills. Ph 0409 741414. R 25100089

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