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To select a cat please phone on 0409 741414 or 0407 456 683 (7 days). WLPA rescues go to a number of Sydney Vet Partners or to our attending Mobile Vet, Dr Donna Schofield of PetCure. Cats are desexed, provided a dental check, are blood screened (if needed) and vaccinated prior to being rehomed. Adoptions are a tax-deductible donations for the health care for each animal. Visits to our Adoption Centre are 12.00 noon to 6pm (7 days a week) 199 to 201 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW 2111 above VORO Restaurant. We deliver. Our home visit and cage lending service helps you secure and settle in your new pet.


Beautiful Bonnie is a mature cat at just over 7 years. He has waited patiently for his turn to have a loving family and in the meantime really enjoys a few food treats from those at WLPA. Microchip Number: 900032001869283

By Donation In $ : $200


Lap cat with beautiful nature who would grace any home. Surprise is keen to join the right family so she can give and receive love. Microchip Number: 991003001539388

By Donation In $ : $200


Was born last year and fostered in her home by WLPA President Halina. She is a real sweetie easy to cuddle and love. Microchip Number: 991003000890792

By Donation In $ : $200


Born at the beginning of the year, as a recent rescue she is still getting used to humans but is a pretty gentle little lady ready for a loving home. Microchip Number: 991003001539258

By Donation In $ : $200


The slightly shyer sister of Selby, a sweet little girl who will be a lovely companion to someone. She can be rehomed with her brother or as a single. Microchip Number: 991003000926316

By Donation In $ : $200


A wonderfully friendly playful without being hyper tabby, that has just celebrated his first birthday here with his sister Shelly. They can be adopted as a pair or separately Microchip Number: 991003001291994

By Donation In $ : $200

Ginger Baby 3 year old male

Ginger Baby is just that, a big BABY. With WLPA for 3 years, the first two years, being with a foster carer with a courtyard and a secure indoor/outdoor lifestyle. He will be cuddled if you are strong enough, but won't approach you. He can be groomed again if you take command. Phone 0409 741414 to meet Ginger Baby by appointment 7 days a week. R25100089

By Donation In $ : $200


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