Our Success Stories

 Congratulations to Our Successful Kittens & Cats!


A tiny kitten from Burt St Balmain was adopted to a Japanese couple


A kitten named after the suburb she was  rescued from guess where 2 weeks prior (now just on 9 weeks old, fostered by a very happy family at her first event.

Jet Star

Is being adopted subject to a home visit locally. He is a small shy black kitten rescued at  Darlington from Sydney University


Sister of Mitzy was adopted by an WLPA committee member.


A fluffy tabby rescued from Burt St Balmain was adopted to a family at Randwick, and was thought too young to go and will be delivered at week’s end or the weekend.

Mr Hinky:

Mr Hinky is a tabby & white kitten who WLPA has rescued and would love to start the New Year with a loving family where he can grow.  His New Year's resolution is to settle comfortably in his new home, get along with you, your family and meet his new neighbours.  He has now been fostered to a loving family.  Mr Hinkie is also of Pet of Week fame.


Mitzy likes nothing more than to snuggle down for the evening wrapped in a pink blanket because she is such a girl!  A beautiful kitten who will adore you unquestionably, especially if you let her snuggle beside you. She has now been adopted to a loving family at Newtown

Nichi and Andy

These 2 tabbies are adopted  being kittens from Burt St Balmain, fostered to a very loving home.  Another two tabbies, not yet named or chipped by WLPA because they were sick with flea anaemia at rescue are also being adopted by this loving family.

A family drove from Guilford to adopt a kitten male tabby rescued from Burt St Balmain

Pearl and Chantelle

Have now been adopted on a Saturday prior from to our event adverts appearing.


Who is from Burt St Balmain was adopted with another non-sibling named BB, a little black boy, an Operation Humane Alternative kitten

Swizzle -

A black male kitten rescued from Burt St Balmain, originally fostered has now been adopted.

A black Burmese cross female rescued by Donna our vet was adopted the day after the event, seen by the dad at the event and confirmed next day

A black Burmese cross female rescued by Donna our vet was adopted the next day and collected today, by people who saw signs and could not make the event

Ginger Nut (now called Doris)

She was rescued by Callan Park, Rozelle and was fostered with view to adopt at Christmas Eveleigh Market is now confirmed as adopted.


A tabby kitten who rescued, is being adopted by foster carers from Newtown.