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Buddy and his mates are looking for a loving family to share Christmas Dinner with.  Buddy is approximately a 13 week old male. He is a friendly, playful kitten who purrs when patted and held. He hissed a lot at first however within 2 weeks he loves to follow people around and check out their feet.

He is still a little unsure of other people so maybe young kids wouldn't be a good match, however older children and adults I think more suitable based on his personality.  He is very happy being around other cats.

Casper Topples:

Casper Topples is a special needs kitten who needs lots of tender loving care.  He has water on his brain and potentially in need of shunt surgery.  Currently alternatives are being investigated to avoid surgery if at all possible and he is responding.  He's not out of the woods yet by a long shot, however his start in life, whilst shaky is improving.  If you're into white kittens he's a real looker.


Don't you think I'm beautiful?  How can you go past my sleek black and beautiful white paws and belly?  I love being a looker and whilst I don't believe in being a trophy kitten, you sure have one of the best in the looks department with me.  I'm inquisitive and playful and would love to grow old in a loving and stable home where your children will give me center of attention.