Become a WLPA Volunteer

WLPA volunteer Kate with Carmal

We have many volunteering opportunities at WLPA. For example, here are just a few positions available at August 2014:

Foster Carer Regional Coordinators: provide support to small hubs of foster carers in a region of Sydney.

Foster Carers: These are people, often couples, who fall in love with our kittens and cats. They are also people who can love and let go when the time is right for the animal to go to their forever home. It is tremendously rewarding to nurture animals and to see them move to forever homes. We welcome anyone aged 15 and over (if living with their parents) or 18 and over if living alone, willing to care for a cat, kitten or dog or puppy or rabbit who can provide a non-stressful environment that offers sunlight, secure indoor living and a loving experience for a rescued animal to feel at home. Our foster carers are like a family and regularly get together and support one another. The duration of care is typically 1 to 3 months. Ideally foster carers also drive their own car or have access to a car. Some animals have special needs eg are old, are deaf, may have a health issue or may need more socialisation.

Animal Transport Volunteers: these drivers use their own car to provide short trips to and from vets, our Adoption Centre or to and from foster carers.

Adoption Centre Whisperers: these loving individuals come to amuse and entertain, cuddle and spoil our cats and kittens in residence at the Adoption Centre. They provide important stimulation and socialisation for the animals.

Adoption Centre Animal Attendants: these individuals also socialise the animals, care for and feed them and clean and co-manage the amenity of the Adoption Centre.

Adoption Centre Open House Volunteers: these are volunteers and foster carers who know the animals well and who come together during special events at private homes ('Adoption Open House') or at shopping centres or other locations ('Adoption Open Days') to serve the public seeking to adopt a new rescued pet. These volunteers start the day early at 8.00am for set up, care for the animals, prepare paperwork for adoptions, educate the public about caring for a new pet, work with a team who jointly decide on the merits of each prospective home for each animal, and they perform a range of rehoming services, including settling the animal into his new home on the agreed date for delivery. It is a very rewarding experience to find loving homes for rescued animals.

Fundraising volunteers: these are friendly, dynamic people who work well with the public, they also work well within small teams to staff stalls, to perform social media promotions, to engage with press and media and to organise major events to raise funds for campaign and rescue work.

Volunteers are reimbursed by WLPA for their car use (cents/km), for emergency vet treatment where it is discussed prior and approved by the President or Coordinator and for event related out of pocket costs where a receipt for the expenditure is provided for reimbursement. For foster caring, some foster carers provide foods and litter while others (for example unwaged students or pensioners) may foster on the basis that foods are provided or the costs are reimbursed. All our volunteers must adhere to our Code of Ethics and Practice, have read our constitution and be willing to be loyal to the mission of WLPA and its no-kill philosophy. Sometimes we call for people to attend peaceful rallies, to write letters to local and national papers on animal issues and we always need people to feed colony cats.

Please have some idea of what you would like to do and on which days you are available (part or whole day).
Please nominate either a weekend (events, rehoming, Pet Nanny etc) or weekday role (reception, transport etc)
Please send your brief resume marked, 'Attention the Coordinator' to:

For headquarter-based volunteering, Adoption Centre and animal rehoming, event related volunteering, fundraising and foster caring roles, please phone the Coordinator on 02 9817 4892 or mobile 0409 741414 to make an interview appointment. We will provide you with the Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Constitution, Policy and Procedures and we can also write up a role of duties and any other guidance you may need to fit in and start enjoying being part of the team.

For activism, policy, rescue or governance roles please contact the President, Halina Thompson on 0407 456683 to make an appointment to discuss how you would like to become involved.

Thank you for getting involved and making a difference!