Become a WLPA Volunteer

We have many volunteering opportunities at WLPA.

Foster Carers:  fall in love with our kittens, cats, dogs and rabbits and lovingly let go when the pet  is to be rehomed. It is tremendously rewarding to nurture these animals. You must be aged 16 and over (if living with their parents) or 21 and over if living alone. The duration of care is typically 1 to 3 months (kitten/rabbit) and 3 to 12 months (adult cats and dogs). Foster carers preferably drive or have access to a car.

Adoption Centre Carers: are loving individuals providing day to day animal care including stimulation, socialisation, assisting the vet, medication and feeding duties for the animals. Cleaning is core.

Adoption Open House Volunteers: are volunteers and foster carers who know the animals well. They come together during special events at private homes ('Adoption Open House') or at stalls, shopping centres or other locations ('Adoption Open Days') to serve the public seeking to adopt a new rescued pet. They start the day early at 8.00am to 10am for set up.

Pet Nannies: help adoptions at PetO Alexandria and PetO Annandale (Sundays) by watching over the animals being viewed by the public. Good  customer service ability is required. Pet Nannies often work in pairs enabling the adoption staff to leave to deliver an animal to their new home.

Fundraising volunteers: are friendly, dynamic people who work well with the public and in teams to staff stalls, to perform social media promotions, to engage with press and media and to organise major events.

Training is on the job by appointment. All our volunteers should consider becoming members. They must adhere to our Constitution and be loyal to our no-kill philosophy. Phone 0409 741414 or 9817 4892 then email your brief resume marked, 'Attention the Coordinator' to:

Please note due to insurance constraints and police check requirements WLPA is not currently able to take any minors as volunteers

WLPA Code of Conduct Document

For governance roles please contact the Secretary on 0438165016 to make an appointment to discuss how you would like to become involved.

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