Vegan journey



WLPA promotes an ethic of never using (eg wearing), exploiting (eg eating, making a living from nor profiting from) or harming animals of any kind. Consistent with this is the ethic of veganism, a challenging lifestyle choice that avoids eating and using animals or anything derived from animals, for ethical reasons. While some people elect not to eat animals on health or other cultural grounds, for most, veganism stems from a disgust in the cruelty that comes with industrialised, 'factory farming', brought about by the food demands of global human overpopulation. The global movement toward plant-based diets is hope that the suffering of animals in appalling conditions in these farms can end. If one is taking the vegan journey, then vegetarianism, may be a stepping stone along the way. But there are other ways to journey to veganism.

WLPA thanks the Director of the Vegan Society of NSW (now Vegan NSW) for supporting our bid to rehome homeless rabbits and cats at the now-monthly Sydney Vegan Markets.

Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Rd Moore Park

3rd Sunday each month 9am -5pm (Volunteers bump in at 7.30am)

Look for the WLPA stall. Food and goodies all cruelty free. A Newcastle Vegan Market is also up and running. If you enjoyed the Cruelty Free Festival courtesy of Animal Liberation, now you can experience that same, community of compassion every month. Thank you Vegan NSW.

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