Adoption Policy of WLPA

As a "No Kill" charity, we need to be assured that our rescued animals never need to be rescued a second or third time. You may adopt a dog, cat, kitten or rabbit from World League.

  • Phone to discuss availability and security, ideally you will be >25
  • Text photos of your home, garden, balconies, windows and doors
  • Pets must be carried home in a secure carry case
  • Adult and teen cats and most kittens must be caged for the first week
  • We loan you the cage, tent or hamper
  • We believe pets must remain inside the boundary of your property
  • We do not believe in cats on boats or free-to-roam farm cats
  • We will not adopt to you if you want a cat as a 'mouser'
  • We do not adopt to people with un-netted balconies unless they have all windows screened, and balcony safety can be improved in time
  • Gardens should be fully or part netted or have an outdoor enclosure

If you have answered Yes to these questions we are happy to chat to you and show you our rescued animals. Adoption Centre weekdays, please phone 02 9817 4892. Weekends phone 0409 741414 or 0407 456 683. Please see our pet catalogue.

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