Support the oldest no-kill animal charity in Australia.

First of all, thank you to all our donors who have contributed over the years and into 2019. We also thank our Vet Partners for their discounted professional services at some 30 practices in Sydney. These clinics provide life-saving donations of professional services to save animals in need.

We use our funds to achieve justice for animals of every species where we can make a difference. We carefully weigh up which animal causes we can feasibly champion and we work hard to keep our core paid staff to a minimum while creating an environment in which volunteers can make a difference in the lives of other living creatures.

When you donate goods or money, you will be directly supporting animals in need and providing volunteers with the tools they need to progress their important work. Many animals now and in the future rely on our work so please help us to help them. Your donation:

  • can be species-specific or campaign specific;
  • can nominate a cause important to your heart;
  • can nominate a rescuer in need (eg Rescue the Rescuer Program);
  • can be directed to the special needs of an individual cat, dog, bear or international animal at risk, say for a surgery or to purchase an animal's freedom from captivity;
  • may sponsor a cat like Polar Bear (pictured) who achieved 2 more years of life after his skin cancer ear surgery was paid for by WLPA;
  • can help us to intervene in places where we know animals are suffering or are hungry eg specific suburbs with high cat abandonment or properties hoarding companion animals;
  • can assist with a specific type of service e.g feed for kangaroos or bush fire animal relief.

Please Click on the Link Below to read how you can make a difference

Real Change Fundraising Appeal

Workplace Giving

We invite all visitors to this site to tell colleagues and friends about the opportunity for workplace giving.

Workplace giving enables employees to bring awareness of animals to their workplace. Your pay is automatically deducted with your donation via your employer/pay office. Imagine if 10% of all employed persons got their workplaces to all participate.

You can make a secure donation via Paypal below. Please note that you do not need a Paypal account in order to make a donation. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.

Please donate by bank transfer to:
The World League for Protection of Animals Inc.
Westpac Account - 282247  and
 BSB - 032184

Once you have made your donation, please also email us ( with your postal address so that we can mail you a receipt.


Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order to:
The World League for Protection of Animals Inc.
201 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW 2111, Australia


If you would like to donate goods, please consider from the following and contact us on 02 98174892 to advise where the goods can be collected from, or to make a time with us for goods to be delivered to our Gladesville address, as we need to arrange storage for these items:

Mishka needed eye surgery after being found with his right eye severely ulcerated.
Mishka needed eye surgery after being found with his right eye severely ulcerated.
  • Cat food (wet and dry)
  • Toys
  • Catnip
  • Clean bedding/blankets
  • Towels
  • Caging
  • Outdoor humane enclosures
  • Litter trays
  • Heart worm preventatives
  • Flea preventatives
  • Feliway - pheromones which relax nervous animals

We are located on the first floor of:
201 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW 2111, Australia

(Note that there is only stair access to our office)

Corporate Sponsors Sought

WLPA invites companies to support our important work. We are hoping for major sponsors to fund the following items during 2018:

  • Kangaroo-free pet foods
  • Signage to promote public awareness on our campaigns
  • Television commercial and radio campaigns
  • 2 x 'Animal Ambulances' (pet-friendly small van) carrying the sponsor's logo
  • Medical equipment
  • Additional headquarters for an improved Adoption Centre
  • Trailers for raffles and for field work
  • "Buy us a Wheelie Bin" for a major national program of cat food donations via supermarkets

Make a monthly donation

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