Sponsor an animal in need

The WLPA is pleased to offer the sponsors of the cats any of the following services they wish to utilise:

Ø Sponsorship certificate with photo of your cat

Ø Appointments to visit your cat

Ø ‘Cuppa with Cats’ get together for World Animal Day

Ø Opportunity to have a photo with your cat

Ø Occasional card from your cat

Ø Quarterly phone call regarding your cat

Ø Talks from WLPA executive

Ø All sponsorship donations are fully tax deductable

For as little as a dollar a day you could sponsor a cat and cover the cost of their food and litter. If you are able to donate more, that would then cover additional costs such as vet treatment and regular medication including worming.


Jacki arrived as another young Mum who is quite sweet but too shy and fearful to attract adopters. She was rescued by a WLPA member and brought here in the hope of her becoming more social


Trixie is too shy to win the attention of adopters so has lived here nearly all her life. She gets on well with other cats and is very slowly tolerating more proximity to humans.


Grayson a wild cat on a feeder program in Gladesville, after his desex etc plus treatment of a facial abscess. So now he can be a handsome boy again


Bamboo was abandoned with other cats and are a little weary of humans but gentle and content


Thomas is a shy, sweet senior cat who spends her day socialising with other WLPA cats. Her two siblings have sadly, passed away.


Missy is shy sweet senior cats who spend their day socializing with other WLAP cats


Lucy like many cats has been at The WLPA for a number of years


Rescued from a social housing estate when six months old with some of her relative, she was the worst smacker of the lot. After two and a half years in foster care her manners have improved but she needs a sponsor until she becomes social enough to be chosen by an adopter.

Bam Bam

three years old having been at the WLPA with her siblings for over two years. They were all rescued shortly after being abandoned in the grounds of the old Rozelle psychiatric hospital. She can be stroked even if a bit reluctantly


Six year old gentle shy boy who enjoys the company of the other cats here and tolerates human attention. Can you give a sweet tabby a little bit of support?


Came as a difficult kitten to the WLPA two years ago. Due to her spectacular looks she was temporarily adopted but this experience unfortunately made her distain for humans worse. She is therefore staying at the WLPA for the foreseeable future. Here she enjoys her food and watching other cats.



Alternatively you can send a cheque or money order made out to:

'World League for Protection of Animals'
Sponsor an animal in need fund
PO Box 211
Gladesville NSW 2111

Remember to send us your address or email so we can keep you up to date with your sponsored animal in need!

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