Kittens eating us out of house and home!

As Operation Humane Alternative is in full swing the number of kittens WLPA must feed is on the increase.  Over $400 per day is being directly put towards obtaining wet food to feed these hungry little mites.

Whiskas KittenAs Operation Humane Alternative aims to divert kittens from pounds and the organisation has a no kill policy, these kittens are growing rapidly.  Like any living being growing means increased food intake. Our Adoption Centre on Victoria Road Gladesville is constantly running out of wet food. Foods left at our donation bin at our foyer helps us to feed them until they can be adopted or fostered.

World League values all and any cat food or dog food donation. We use cat milks, kitten foods by Whiskas and wet and premium dry kitten foods by other manufacturers, especially where no native animal ingredient is used. World League has no official food donation sponsor because so many foods made in Australia contain native animals.

We invite supermarket chains to donate kitten wet foods for delivery or pickup to assist with the ongoing feeding costs. We also seek volunteers to run shopping centre food drives where the public can be invited to purchase foods at their local supermarket for our homeless animals. Until our little rescues can be adopted, we would greatly appreciate any and all assistance to ensure these kittens have a healthy start to life.

Whiskas Kitten Food

Could you please share this post with your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.  Help us to keep our little mites, happy, healthy and strong.

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