Adopt a Pet

WLPA is strictly 'no kill'. WLPA blood screens selected cats thought to be exposed to FIV and incase of Felv, we blood screen. WLPA desexes, vaccinates and microchips all kittens and cats to ensure the best health for your new pet. Donations for most cats is from $150 for adult cats and $280 for kittens as a tax deductible donation. As an adoptive parent of a new WLPA pet, you will be donating the healthcare package for your new pet.

We rely entirely on donations to provide food and the expense associated with all animal care and rehoming. We also rely on donations to pay for animals with special needs who may need our help for many years before being adopted.

Benefits of Adopting from WLPA

  • All kittens and cats are de-sexed between 4-6 months.
  • All have been microchipped and vaccinated from 8 weeks old.
  • All have a vet examination to ensure they're healthy at the point of adoption.
  • All receive prompt medical attention prior to adoption such as dentals and health checks.
  • You will receive 4 months follow up on a WLPA pet - we prelove our kittens and cats
  • We will assist with environmental change advice and sometimes give hands-on assistance to ensure your pet has security and stays within the boundary of your home and garden.

What WLPA requires from Adopters:

  • You genuinely will protect  your adopted kitten or cat no matter what it takes.
  • You will ensure if medical attention is required you will get it without delay.
  • If you're not sure how to look after your kitten or cat you make it your top priority to call us to learn on 0409 741414 or 0407 456683.
  • If you want to go on holiday you make the necessary arrangements for your cat to be cared for by a vet or alternative care.
  • You must protect cats from dogs and integrate cats, kittens, and dogs safely.


WLPA occasionally rehomes lost or abandoned rabbits.


WLPA rehomes around 20 dogs per year and will respond to dogs in distress. Dogs are not sheltered at Gladesville and all dogs are managed in Foster Care.

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