Goodwill Wine Partnership


WLPA is proud to announce a new and exciting partnership with Goodwill Wine.

Thanks to Goodwill Wine there is yet another way to support our cause! If you choose to make a purchase from Goodwill Wine you will be supporting animals in need.

Goodwill Wine is a licensed fundraiser and as a business made possible from the goodwill of others, pledges 50% of the profit (a minimum of $20 per case) from your purchase to the charity or non-profit organisation of your choice.

We are the oldest 'no-kill' campaign organisation and work for native and non-native species.

Use the upcoming holidays and have a taste of Goodwill Wine featuring our sticker on it’s label, gift it to your loved ones and help us save animal lives.

To make a purchase please visit and find WLPA on the menu as your favourite charity.

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